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Why ZkSloth

Redefining Digital Ownership

Welcome to ZkSloth, where we’re pioneering a new era for digital collectibles. We strive to provide value at every turn, from gas-free ZkSync transactions to DAO empowerment. Upcoming staking features and $SLTH tokenomics will provide you new ways to use the ZkSloth ecosystem.

Help us redefine digital ownership and start a new collecting era. Experience the future with ZkSloth, where innovation, community, and digital assets create something amazing.

The Mint

Mint Your Own NFT

Get ready to join our growing community of collectors! Stay tuned for NFT minting details, where you’ll unlock future rewards and exclusive access to our features. More details coming soon!

Our Collections

Our selection of exclusive NFTs

Explore exclusive NFTs with super convenience in collection discovery and curation.



Step 01
NFT Launch on ZkSync

Kickstart our journey by launching ZkSloth NFTs on ZkSync, ensuring secure and efficient transactions for collectors worldwide.

Step 02
ZkSloth DAO

Introducing opportunities for community involvement with DAO opportunities for the NFT holders

Step 03
Gas-Free Transactions

Implement gas-free transactions for ZkSloth NFT holders on ZkSync, enhancing accessibility and reducing transaction costs for our community.

Step 04
Gen 2.0 - Baby Sloths

an advanced collection of ZkSloth NFTs featuring baby sloths. Baby Sloths will be airdropped to all ZkSloth holders, rewarding our community and fostering excitement for the next phase of ZkSloth.

Step 05
Mystery Box

Surprise our NFT holders with Mystery Boxes, offering exclusive rewards and unique collectibles to enhance engagement and excitement.

Step 06

Launch staking features for ZkSloth NFT holders, allowing them to stake their NFTs to unlock extra perks and additional reward opportunities within our ecosystem.

Step 07

Roll out $SLTH tokenomics, shaping the future of our ecosystem and providing utility and governance features to our community.

Step 08
Continued Development

Our journey doesn't end here. We're dedicated to continuous improvement, with ongoing developments aimed at enriching your NFT experience.


Your Questions, Answered

Have questions about ZkSloth? Find the answers below to commonly asked questions about our platform.
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